Patricia Lohan 


Patricia Lohan 


Do YOU want to take your LOVE LIFE to the NEXT LEVEL?

  • ​Have you been single for decades - or does it feel like decades?
  • Do you think you’re too late for true Love?
  • Have you had too many disappointments in Love?
  • ​Do you sometimes wonder whether you deserve Love at all?
  • ​Are you craving deeper romantic, spiritual & physical connection with someone you can really be yourself with?
  • Are you sick of hearing what you want is too much, that you’re too picky?
  • Do you believe that it shouldn’t be hard work to meet the right man?
  • You’re not getting any younger and you’re still no closer to love than when you were 21!

You’re in the RIGHT PLACE and I’m here to show you that:

  • ​You CAN find true love
  • You DO deserve the love that you desire
  • ​You CAN attract your soulmate
  • ​You’re ALLOWED to be in a love filled partnership that enriches your life, that you feel safe to be YOURSELF
  • ​It’s your RIGHT to have someone by your side who will always be there for you through thick and thin...and as cliche as it sounds…
  • ​You can live happily ever after (if that’s what you want!)

You already know your potential to be an AMAZING partner, wife, mother…


How will you feel when you’re walking hand in hand with your loved one by the beach after celebrating your 1st Anniversary together
How thoughtful it is to have someone who thinks about the ‘little things’ that will make you smile who buys you your favourite chocolate when you’ve had a bad day.
How incredible it feels to have ‘the one’ who loves you for being you! Who shares your sense of humor - laughs at your crap jokes. But is sincere, kind and affectionate.
How safe and secure you’ll feel when you’re snuggled in beside him as he wraps his arms around you each night before you drift off to sleep
How reassuring it is to have a man who you can trust to share your deepest desires, fears and history with and doesn’t run away but listens intently and can turn to you and share his.
How dreamy it is to have a shared vision and dream for how your life unfolds together.

I know reading this you might think...
does this guy really exist?

He does.. as I’m writing from my own experience of what I attracted into my life - this is exactly what I manifested into my life down to the last detail…

I’ve seen it happen for myself and so many women that I’ve worked with. And I know I can make it happen for you, too. As simple as it might sound, the one insight that will transform your love life forever is this:

He does.. as I’m writing from my own experience of what I attracted into my life - this is exactly what I manifested into my life down to the last detail…

I’ve seen it happen for myself and so many women that I’ve worked with. And I know I can make it happen for you, too. As simple as it might sound, the one insight that will transform your love life forever is this:

The scary thing is the real obstacles to attracting love are not outside of you, but within you.

It's really that simple.

And I’ll show you exactly how to do it with my proven, practical and spiritual approach to finding love.

Don’t spend another year just wishing for love!


I class myself as an optimistic sceptic, so I was very happy signing up to the Soulmate Attraction Formula course because I could see how it would have certain benefits, but I honestly wasn't 100% sold on the whole idea. While there are elements that are very set and structured that create the main framework of the course, Patricia also works very hard to respond to the individual needs, areas or difficulties that arise. So while one thing may not feel like it's working for you, she's on hand to help you through it or suggest additional things to do. I cleared blocks and burdens that I didn't know I even could and had fun. And yes, I met an amazing guy about two weeks after 'finishing' the course who is so wonderful and I'm still seeing and crazy about. I'm very grateful to Patricia for creating such a dense and well thought out body of work to aid people in this. If you decide to do it, enjoy the heck out of it. It's going to be a special, challenging and enlivening phase of your life! 


My Love Story

I’m a Galway girl (West of Ireland) with a travel for passion. My own journey to love has been a bit like my experiences abroad: fun, hard, painful, and exhilarating.

By my mid-20s, I was a disaster when it came to relationships. I split up with my long-term boyfriend, thinking the relationship was the issue. A few men later, I was still miserable. I quit my job as a restaurant manager, moved to India, and became a yoga teacher (how very Eat Pray Love!).

When I returned from India, my life was so much better in all aspects—except love. Lots of meeting the wrong guy followed by heartbreak and rejection. Rinse and repeat.

Once I began working on myself and changed how I saw the world, I attracted the most wonderful relationship into my world. He came into a room and sat down beside me, just like that. My growing romance with Ken showed me how important it is to be aligned with the right person and how much power our union created.

While out on a mountain trail run one morning, an idea popped into my head. ALL women should be able to have exactly what I have on their own terms!

Combining everything I’ve learned from personal experience with formal training, I created The Soulmate Attraction Formula, a streamlined, seven week course for single women who are fed up with bad relationships.

If you’ve been in my world for a while - it’s NO SECRET I’ve manifested the man of my dreams…. MANifested!! excuse the pun! He is my perfect fit… he loves me for exactly who I am, for all my ‘quirkiness’ (aren’t we all a touch quirky!) We live together in our dream home in the countryside…

We shared our happily ever after - big day on the 28th of August… we actually had three weddings, we don’t do anything in halves … (he popped the question 3 times.. long story.. I said YES every time!!) Our BIG bash was a Celtic Ceremony under the trees in our garden…where I danced up the Aisle to Will Pharrell.. I so was HAPPY to be marrying my Ken.
We drank bubbles, danced in our labyrinth, sang in the Karaoke Caravan and savoured an Indian Meal in our neighbours sheep shed (yes sheep shed…we decorated it and there were no real sheep present!) Not the typical wedding.. but it was so US… and a celebration of what we LOVE and what we wanted on our wedding day FUN!

Fun is a huge part of our relationship.

But is wasn’t always plain easy sailing for me in the world of love and romance…I had many dark night of the souls when it came to men...I’d been hurt emotionally & physically, rejected, been disappointed, misled and saga after terrible saga with men…

and I know you have you’re own stories too…

Rewind a few years ago..... I was single, living in a rented apartment in Dublin city centre, sporadically online dating and but still lost when it came to men…

so I decided this story had to end….

and I started to USE all the tools that I’d been using with clients for change in their lives on MYSELF CHANGE from the inside OUT.

And uncover the blocks that I had to love DEEP DOWN… just like me you may not be aware of your blocks to love, yet you have a nagging feeling that you should have met the one by now (and that doing so should be a lot EASIER).

and I swear attracting your dream man -

  • It’s really got nothing to do with looks or luck. So, seriously, don’t beat yourself up that you can’t figure this out on your own. It’s really not your fault.
  • ​It doesn’t mean you’re stupid or ugly. In fact, it’s often the most gorgeous and confident women who experience blocks to meeting the one.
  • It doesn’t mean you’re not meant to be in a wonderful relationship! Blocks to meeting “the one” happen to everyone.

I want YOU to have the tools and faith to know that you absolutely can attract your dreamiest of dream man.

And you can absolutely do it while being YOURSELF.


A life changing course with amazing tools that will help you look at yourself and your life through different eyes. Seemingly easy exercises, but ones that work and have powerfully positive effects. You will become more aware of, face and release all that is holding you back from finding love. Ultimately for yourself and then the right partner. It has changed my life in all aspects, energy, and thoughts as well as brought great insights. All brought to us by the wonderful Patricia, who is so positive, jolly, helpful and passionate.



Patricia, I’m having one of those ‘How does it get any better than this?!” week. Every time I do something with you, my life goes nuts in the best, funnest most crazily successful ways. If you told me you had magic powers Patricia I wouldn’t question it for a second. Just wanted to sort of check in, say hi and say a big thank you. again.  

-Elva who attracted her guy two weeks after finishing the programme.

The Soulmate Attraction Formula is a Seven Week Digital Programme that I created because women (and men) kept asking me how did I find Ken…. so here is what I did and it’s for anyone who is serious about attracting their soulmate the fastest possible way.

It’s the accumulation of all that I’ve learned from years of study and teaching of the law of attraction, emotional healing, feng shui, yoga and shamanic practices. This is a step by step course to heal the past, clear the emotional blocks, create space in the present for the, magnetising yourself for your soulmate to come into your life.

By the end of the programme...

You will allow yourself to:

  • Be open to giving, receiving and manifesting love into your life
  • View the past as just part of the story
  • Free yourself of the emotions attached to former relationships
  • Create a vision for the future and for your soulmate

You will give yourself permission to:

  • Stop unconsciously restricting love from your life
  • Allow your love potential to be reflected in your life
  • Be energetically aligned and balanced
  • Be comfortable with being in relationships without fear

You will feel:

  • More confident about yourself and your love life
  • Relieved from having cleared the burdens of your past
  • Excited about the new levels of love and romance in your life
  • Lighter, brighter and happier, knowing your soulmate is on his way

And don’t worry, this isn’t all wishy washy, airy fairy content. I’ll give you actionable, easy-to-follow steps to help you change your mindset, clear blocks from all areas of your life, and manifest the love you really deserve.

Change your relationship with love forever.

Let’s get on Team Love

  • Access to Seven Weeks Lessons
  • 8 Weekly Live Calls with Me & your Soul Sister Community
  • Breakthrough to LOVE - Eliminate the blocks to love forever
  • ​Access to your “Soul Sisters’ VIP Soulmate Attraction Community - to connect with & support
  • ​A special surprise in your post box
  • ​Very special guest bonus module and gift  that Patricia has worked with personally (details will be shared when the course starts)

Never has it been so easy to get into alignment to attract your soulmate!

Here’s what the programme looks like each week

You’ll get access to the class and several training modules per lesson.

Love Lesson 1:
Happy Here & Now!

Learn how to fall in love with yourself again, because when you do, it truly starts to shift so much for you in your life. You’ll review where you are right now, without judgment, and commit to making changes in your life.

Love Lesson 2:
Past Relationships

You’ll focus on digging deep into your past relationships and realize the roles others play in your life.

Love Lesson 3:
WHY do I want this relationship?

In order to open your life up to love, it is important to discover your belief systems and fears that push love away. Cutting the energetic cords is another transformational tool that will break strong and mental connections that develop during your relationship evolution.

Love Lesson 4:
What do you want?

It’s time to get clear and be honest about what you really want. Attracting a healthy relationship into your life requires commitment and being open to doing whatever it takes. Much like committing to lose weight or take up a new career, you’ll achieve dramatic results if you stay focused and on the right track. Here you’ll learn how to commit to yourself and believe that love will happen for you.

Love Lesson 5: 
Clearing Space to Prepare for Love

Now that all the dark and emotional hard stuff is (mostly) up and out of the way, let’s make space for love to fill your newly opened heart! You’ll get tips and tools for physically clearing space in your bedroom and home, plus allocating a special space for your new artistic creation. Intriguing!

Love Lesson 6:
Inspired Action

Your dream man won’t come knocking on your door without a little inspired action on your part. You’ll focus on getting out there with renewed focus and joy. You’ll also learn 5 key lessons for acknowledging the here and now, plus rules you should ignore. You’ve got this!

Love Lesson 7:
Bringing It All Together

What does the journey to love really look like? It’s confusing, never straightforward, often difficult, and can be unfulfilling. Learn how to keep going and face upper limits while riding constant waves of change. Every time you get knocked down, you get stronger as you pick yourself back up again. And now you’ll have the tools to make the whole process so much easier!

How do you know this course is right for you?

Sure, there’s loads of dating advice and confidence tips out there for meeting guys…but you’re not looking to meet just anyone. You’re looking for the guy who is your ideal match.

You should sign up for this course if …

  • You’re a single woman looking to meet the man of your dreams and you’re willing to do the work to achieve this goal.
  • You want a change in your thoughts, feelings and actions around men and your past.
  • ​You’re fed up, confused and shut down to love.
  • ​You feel stuck and want the tools to free yourself so you can move forward in your life.
  • ​You want to release your past and move forward with joy.
  • ​You love your life, but also know there is someone out there who will help you make it even better.
  • ​You’re committed to removing the blocks that have been holding you back from attracting the love into your life.
  • ​You want to attract your ideal match on every level: emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally.
  • ​You know deep down your amazing soulmate is out there.

Beautiful words from incredible women.
I want to see you here!


I walked into Patricia Lohan’s Soulmate Course as a woman who had shut down to love and men for nearly 20 years. Through her inspired teaching, joyful presence, beauty & feminine understanding. I felt myself (and saw the rest of the group) relax, open and change each week into vibrant, happy and confident women. The weekly worksheets and guided directions led me to address ALL the major issues of my life – even unrelated to love. I am a changed person , filled with life energy, hope and lots to look forward too – Thank you Patricia



The course was an awesome course! I found the transformation to be PROFOUND in myself. I cleared so many blockages and resistances. My confidence soared, as did my self-belief that I deserve love. I have no longer any doubt. I no longer complicate things quite so much. The amount of research and preparation that Patricia put into the course was phenomenal. I loved the sequence and the spacing. I did feel like the time flew and sometimes felt overwhelmed that there was so much to take in. The course could have lasted longer!! All in all, I would happily recommend the course to anyone trying to find more self- love, more love in their world, and ultimately, the lover to match their dreams. Thanks Patricia.



I really enjoyed the course so much, and I feel like it has changed my life for a better good. From doing the course, I realised how much I needed to let go in order to allow new things to come into my life, and honestly from doing the recommended exercises I have felt a transformational shift in all that I do. The course has provided a challenge for myself and what I’d like to bring and flow into my life, in such an easy and gentle way. The course has a variety of techniques and has been so interesting and exciting. It just keeps highlighting that fact of having FUN in all that you do. Patricia is SO amazing, and her positive energy is contagious and can’t make you but smile from deep inside. Patricia has such a beautiful inspirational way about her, and I am SO thankful that I had the opportunity to take the time and empower myself and my life and welcome all that comes to me now. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for TRANSFORMATION!


 Still have a question?

It really matters to me that when you join the Soulmate Attraction Formula, you know you’re making a great investment in your future.

If you’ve made it this far and you’ve still got lingering doubts, email me at I will be in touch just as soon as I can!

Will I really be able to attract my soulmate?
There is no reason why not.

This course is delivered over 7 weeks, but in reality, it may take you longer to get through all the work and timing alignment for him to actually come into your life (and sit down beside you like my Ken did). However, I’m giving you have all of the support, information, resources and tools you need to attract him – you just need to commit to making it happen!

Trust your intuition on this one. I do NOT want to be a source of course remorse for you (or anyone). Ever.

That said, I sincerely believe that your soulmate won’t come knocking on your door no matter how much wishing and wanting you do. You’ve got to take inspired action! After all, there’s a reason you’re reading this page (nudge, nudge from Mr. Universe!).
Will this course help me in other ways, too?
This course isn't just about attracting the man of your dreams. (I know, I know, the title.) But as you've heard me say before, my experience, training, and my holistic approach is centered on a happy life in general. What you'll learn here are tools for improving relationships with friends, family and colleagues as well as handling issues that may arise in any area of your life.  
Am I REALLY ready to do this course?
There may be a number of things happening in your life, such as:

You’re over 30 and all of your friends are married already.
You feel a little jealous when you see other women in amazing relationships.
Your friends tell you you’re too picky and that’s why you haven’t met the right guy.
You’re stuck in a cycle of meeting the same men and going on dates with incompatible men.
You’re sick of scrolling through profiles of unsuitable men on online dating sites.
You feel everything is going right in your life except your love life.

Improving your results means you need to change something in your beliefs or habits. This is the course to help you do that!
Do I really have time to take this on?
I'd actually flip that Q around: Do you really have time to waste by not taking this on?

No—and you don’t need to, either. The tools I share in this course are pure and simple training wheels designed to save you time and give you clarity about the guy you want to welcome into your life. They've been tried and tested by my clients and students—and they work because they make sense.

And don’t worry – you can’t “fall behind” because you get lifetime access to this course and the online community. You can revisit the love lessons again and again, as often as you need to.
Yes, but will I actually do the coursework?
Well I don't know, friend...WILL YOU? What you put into this is what you'll get out of it. It’s up to you do to decide if you’re ready to rid yourself of the past and make space for a new love to enter your life.

Online learning requires self-discipline. No one will make you login each day. You won’t get kicked out if you fall behind on coursework. But we are ABSOLUTELY here to encourage you along the way. You've got an amazing, supportive network through our private Facebook community, where you can ask questions and get feedback. You also have the option of adding on weekly group calls and one-on-one sessions if you need a more private space to share, heal, and eliminate past hurts.

Women who put in the effort and work are the ones who see fantastic and dramatic changes in their emotions, become happier, and attract the types of men they really want to meet. Your hard work will pay off!

Bottom line: If you participate, you'll be supported. If you WANT to do this, you WILL.
When does enrolment close?
Enrollment for this course closes in January 2022.
It’s all so tempting! BUT....the money thing!
Investing in yourself is powerful and long lasting. If you keep doing the same thing and getting the same results, it’s time for a change. Are you ready to commit to yourself and say yes to your future life?

If the energy is off and you feel it’s not the right fit, go with your gut! It’s easy to link hesitance and resistance to the financial commitment you’ll be making, but that is not always the case. I genuinely want you to join only when and if it feels right for you.

If you know you want in, but you legitimately don’t have the funds right now, rest easy. I’ll be launching this course again, so you’ll have another chance to join us in the future.
Do you have a refund policy?
The success of my course participants so far means I’m extremely confident that if you follow the lessons, you will clear your relationship blocks and attract the love that you. There is no other love program out there that is so practical, easy to follow, and fun!

However, if after 30 days you’re not impressed with the course, and you’ve can show that you’ve participated fully, I’ll happily refund your money and wish you good luck.
OK, I’m almost sure. What else you got?
Need a friendly nudge off the fence? Here's a recap of what you’ll get with The Soulmate Attraction Formula:
  • Engaging information and tools created for you to attract your soulmate
  • Save time (weeks? months? years?) by eliminating the frustration and overwhelm associated with trying to meet a guy on your own
  • ​Super-clear on what you really want! The universe likes us to be specific
  • ​Accountability from an incredible cohort and community, who you’ll connect with on so many different levels
  • ​Access to me in the online community, with the bonus option of weekly group calls and on-on-one sessions
  • ​Behind-the-scenes videos + surprise bonuses already in the works!
  • ​Lifetime access to the course, which means you’ll receive and benefit from all of the new and exciting updates I make in the future

The Soulmate Attraction Formula Disclaimer!

I’ve made every effort to accurately represent this program and its ability to help you attract your soulmate.

However, there is no guarantee that you will instantly meet the man of your dreams. This is not a find love quick scheme. Nothing on this site is a promise or guarantee of love.

Your level of success is dependent on a number of factors, including your dedication, desire, interaction and completion. Because these factors vary according to each individual, I cannot and do not guarantee your success.

Many participants have gone on to achieve results as outlined in the showcase. You’re responsible for the results you achieve. I’ll make every effort to provide you with quality information and guidance you need to achieve these results, but I cannot make any guarantees. Ultimately, it’s up to you.

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